How to Reprovision a Windows 365 Cloud PC

This blog post will demonstrate how to Reprovision a Windows 365 Cloud PC using the Intune admin center. We will also discuss when to reprovision a Cloud PC and how long this process takes.

When you initiate the Reprovision of a Cloud PC, the user is signed off. Subsequently, the existing Cloud PC is deleted, and a new one is created. This process entails removing all user data, apps, and customizations. The Cloud PC is then reprovisioned based on the user’s assigned provisioning policy.

Please note that to Reprovision a Cloud PC, it must be in a Failed or Provisioned Status. You can check and confirm the Cloud PC Provisioning status from the Intune admin center. To know more details about the steps to check the provisioning status of a Cloud PC, refer to the guide: How to Setup Windows 365 #Step 4.

Reprovisioning a Cloud PC is similar to the Windows Autopilot Reset process, which restores the user’s device to a business-ready state, enabling the next user to sign in and become productive quickly. You can also say that reprovisioning is similar to Resetting your Windows device.

When to Reprovision a Cloud PC?

The Reprovision remote action allows administrators to delete and re-create a Cloud PC for the user. When you take this action, it affects user data stored on the device and any customizations/theme settings and applications installed by the user or administrator, all of which will be removed.

Therefore, you have to be careful before performing this action. It is recommended that the user back up their important files and documents and inform them about the process.

Consider the following points before Reprovisioning a Cloud PC, and initiate the Reprovision action in the specified cases when:

  • The provisioned Cloud PC is not working correctly.
  • You want to assign a new Provisioning policy to the Cloud PC.
  • The provisioning state is showing as Failed. You can reprovision the Cloud PC to fix the provisioning issues.
  • Users want to restore their Cloud PC to a clean or factory default state.

Steps to Reprovision a Cloud PC

To reprovision a Cloud PC, please follow the below steps:

  • Sign in to the Intune admin center.
  • Navigate to Devices > Windows 365 > All Cloud PCs.
  • From the Cloud PC list, Click on the one you want to Reprovision.
  • Click on Reprovision remote action.

You will get the below prompt after clicking on Reprovision remote action. Select Yes to start the process.

Are you sure you want to Reprovision this Cloud PC? Users will be logged off immediately, and all user data will be removed. A new Cloud PC instance will be provisioned. All restore points will be removed and restore points will begin again after the time that the CPC is reprovisioned. If you prefer to return the machine to an earlier state, use Restore instead.

Click Yes on this prompt to proceed with Reprovisioning process
Steps to Reprovision a Cloud PC
Steps to Reprovision a Cloud PC
  • You will see a notification pop-up in the top right-hand corner confirming the Reprovision has been initiated.
Steps to Reprovision a Cloud PC
Steps to Reprovision a Cloud PC

Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning

After the Provisioning of the Cloud PC has been initiated, the Windows 365 service will delete the Cloud PC and create a new one. You can monitor its progress from the Intune admin center. Let’s check what happens after you start this process.

  • You will notice that the status will display Reprovision: Active, indicating that the reprovisioning process has been initiated. The Device action status will confirm the date and time stamp of when it was initiated.
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
  • If you check the Cloud PC status under Intune admin center > Devices > Windows 365 > All Cloud PCs. You will find that the device Status shows as Provisioning.
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
  • As the Cloud PC device object is deleted, it will also disappear from under the Device name column and change to Not provisioned.
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
  • It may take between 30-40 minutes to reprovision the Cloud PC. You can monitor the status from the Intune admin center. Once the device is provisioned successfully, the status will be displayed as Provisioned.
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
  • Please note that the previous Cloud PC Entra device object will be deleted, and a new one will be created. The Cloud PC name will be changed according to the provisioning policy’s device template settings (if configured).
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning
Monitor Cloud PC Reprovisioning

More Information

We’ve observed the changes after initiating the reprovision remote action on the Cloud PC. Upon initiation, the Cloud PC status should transition to Provisioning. However, in some cases, you may encounter different statuses, and it’s beneficial to understand the implications of each provisioning status. Let’s delve into each provisioning status you might encounter.

You may get below Cloud PC Provisioning Status on the Intune Portal.

Cloud PC Provisioning StatusAbout the Status
PendingThe status will show just after initiating Reprovisioning
ProvisioningWhen Cloud PC reprovisioning is in progress
ProvisionedWhen Cloud PC reprovisioning has been completed
FailedCloud PC provisioning has failed.
WarningThere are a few warnings that may require troubleshooting.

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