Allow Windows 365 users to reset their Cloud PC

In this blog post, we will learn how to allow end users to reset their Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Standard users cannot reset their Cloud PCs by default. However, you can enable this option for them via User settings available on the Intune admin center > Devices > Windows 365.

When initiated, Cloud PC’s reset (reprovision) process will first Sign out the user. Subsequently, the existing Cloud PC is deleted, and a new one is created. This process entails removing all user data, apps, and customizations. The Cloud PC is then reprovisioned based on the assigned provisioning policy for the user.

The ability to allow users to reprovision their own Cloud PCs was introduced in July 2023 with Windows 365 Service Release 2307. Using the User Settings policy, you can allow users to reset or reprovision their Cloud PCs. In addition to that, you can grant them local administrator privileges if needed.

Steps to Enable Cloud PC Reset Option for Users

Follow the steps below to enable the reset option for Windows 365 Cloud PC for end users:

  • Sign in to the Intune admin center.
  • Navigate to Devices > Windows 365 > User settings.
  • Click on Add.
Steps to Enable Cloud PC Reset Option for Users
Steps to Enable Cloud PC Reset Option for Users

Settings Tab

On the settings tab, you will find below options to configure:


  • Name: Provide the name of the User setting policy, such as Allow Users to Reset their Own Cloud PCs.
  • Enable Local admin: Leave this box unchecked, as this provides local administrator rights to Windows 365 users on their Cloud PCs. For more information, please refer to the blog post: Elevate User to Local Admin on Windows 365 Cloud PC.
  • Enable Users to reset their Cloud PCs: Check the box to Enable Cloud PC reset option for users. Enabling this setting will allow targeted users to reprovision their Cloud PC from the Windows app and Windows 365 web client.

Point-in-time restore service

  • Allow users to initiate restore service: Keep it unchecked (Default state).
  • Frequency of restore-point service: Keep default.
Check the box for "Enable Users to reset their Cloud PCs"
Check the box for “Enable Users to reset their Cloud PCs”

Assignments Tab

Click Add groups to choose an Entra security group that includes end-user accounts. Each user within the assigned groups will be granted Cloud PC reset (reprovision) permission on their own Cloud PCs.

I’ve chosen a security group in Entra called ‘W365-test-group-users‘. This group includes the user accounts for which I want to grant Cloud PC reset permission.

Assign User settings to an Entra security group containing Cloud PC users
Assign User settings to an Entra security group containing Cloud PC users

Review + Create

Review the policy and click on the Create button to proceed.

User settings are typically applied to Entra ID users. You can create multiple policies under user settings, and there might be cases where one user has multiple policies targeted. In the event of a settings conflict, the most recently created policy takes precedence, and other policies are ignored. The last updated date on the policy does not affect this order; conflicts in settings are resolved based on the creation date of the user settings policy.

Important Note
Review the User Settings Policy for "Enable users to reset their Cloud PCs"
Review the User Settings Policy for “Enable users to reset their Cloud PCs”

End-user Experience

After the User settings policy is applied to the targeted Windows 365 Cloud PC users, they can see the Reset option when managing their Cloud PCs from both the Windows App and the Windows 365 Web client. To check and confirm if the Reset option is enabled for you, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to the Windows 365 web client.
  • Click on three vertical dots. You will find the Reset option, which is available for you via the User settings policy. Clicking on it will not immediately start the process; you will be given a pop-up message to click on the Reset option again.
Windows 365 Reset option Enabled: End-user Experience
Windows 365 Reset option Enabled: End-user Experience
  • Check the box for “Yes, I am sure I want to reset this Cloud PC” and click on the Reset button to begin reprovisioning your Cloud PC. Please note this action will:
    • Reinstall Windows
    • Remove your personal files
    • Remove changes you made to the settings
    • Remove your apps

Additionally, all restore points will be removed, and new restore points will begin after the Cloud PC is reset. If you prefer to return the machine to an earlier state, use the Restore feature instead.

Windows 365 Reset option Enabled: End-user Experience

What happens after Initiating a Reset of a Cloud PC?

After initiating a reset (reprovisioning) of your Windows 365 Cloud PCs, all data, customizations, and apps will be removed, and Windows will be reinstalled. If you have applied any device naming template via the provisioning policy, the device will be renamed accordingly.

The new device name will appear in the Intune and Entra ID admin centers. If you have not applied a device name template, the device will be named according to the default settings, keeping the device’s name the same as before. For more information on the Windows 365 reset process, please refer to the step-by-step guide: How to Reprovision a Windows 365 Cloud PC.

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