Fix Intune Win32 App Install Error 0x80070002

This error is generally caused by an Incorrect install or uninstall command specified during the creation of the Win32 application deployment. This problem often happens because there might be a typing mistake in the command, or the command itself isn’t right for that particular program.

The Intune Management Extension downloads the application onto the user’s device without issues, but it faces problems when it tries to run the application.

In such a situation, the application won’t get installed, and you’ll encounter this specific error message: “The system cannot find the file specified (0x80070002).”

The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)
Error code 0x80070002 screenshot

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070002

To fix this error, you’ll need to correct the Install and Uninstall commands specified in the Win32 app deployment. Let’s check the steps:

  • Login on Microsoft Intune admin center
  • Click on Apps and then click on All Apps
  • Click on the Win32 app. For Example: Notepad ++
  • Click on Properties and then click on Edit next to Program

Under the Program tab, you’ll find both the Install and Uninstall commands. Depending on whether you’re deploying for installation or uninstallation, make sure to thoroughly review the respective command to ensure its accuracy and verify there are no typing mistakes.

1. Misconfigured Install Command Example

As evident in the screenshot below, it’s clear that the Install command is misconfigured and missing the necessary file extension in the name.

Misconfigured Install Command Example
Misconfigured Install Command Example

Here’s a screenshot from the Intune Management Extension log file (IntuneManagementExtension.log) related to this app deployment. As evident in the log file, the InstallCommandLine specified is “npp.8.5.4.Installer.x64 /S” which should be “npp.8.5.4.Installer.x64.exe /S” The absence of the file extension in the command led to the failure of the application deployment.

Misconfigured Install Command Example
Misconfigured Install Command Example

2. Updated Install command Example

To ensure a successful installation, we’ve updated the Install command by adding the .exe file extension. As depicted in the screenshot below, the Install command is now corrected. Keep in mind that the re-deployment of the application may take some time to finish. You can monitor the app installation’s progress from the Intune admin center.

Updated Install command Example
Updated Install command Example

To access the Intune Management Extension log file, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs your computer.
  2. Look for the most recent version of the IntuneManagementExtension.log file.
  3. The recommended tool for viewing this log file is CMTrace.


In this blog post, we’ve discussed how to resolve the Win32 app deployment error 0x80070002, which occurs when incorrect Install or Uninstall commands are specified. When the Install command is not accurate, the Intune Management Extension cannot install the application on the device, leading to this error message.

To ensure that the Install command is correct, it’s a best practice to manually test the Install or Uninstall of the application on a test device using the command line. If the command works correctly, you can then create an app deployment, making sure to include file extensions for the installers as well.


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