Fix: Windows Autopilot Reset Error Code 0x80070032

In this blog post, we will explore the Solution for Error code 0x80070032, which occurs while performing a Windows Autopilot Reset. There are two ways to perform an Autopilot Reset: the first one is via the Intune admin center, and the second option is to perform the Autopilot reset locally from a Windows device. You may encounter this error when using any of these options.

Windows Autopilot Reset restores the device to a business-ready state, enabling the next user to sign in and become productive quickly. If the device is enrolled and managed through Intune and meets the Autopilot Reset requirements, you can perform an Autopilot reset. If you perform Autopilot Reset on a device, its connection is maintained with Entra ID and Intune.

If you haven’t set up Windows Autopilot yet, you can go through this comprehensive “Step-by-Step Windows Autopilot Setup Guide.” This guide covers the steps to set up and configure Windows Autopilot from scratch.

How to Fix 0x80070032 Error Code during Windows Autopilot Reset?

Autopilot Reset Error code 0x80070032 occurs when Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is disabled on the target remote device. This is one of the requirements for Initiating Autopilot Reset. You could also see the ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED message along with this error.

If WinRE is disabled on the target device, the Autopilot Reset action will fail, and you will receive an error message on the Intune admin center. To fix this issue, Enable WinRE on the target device using the command reagentc.exe /enable in an elevated command prompt and Initiate Autopilot Reset again.

Let me demonstrate how I encountered this issue and the actions I took to resolve it. I will Initiate Autopilot Reset on a device called Cloudinfra-W-38. After you Initiate Autopilot Reset from the Intune admin center, you will find that the Autopilot Reset status is showing as Pending.

Initiate Windows Autopilot Reset

After waiting a couple of minutes, the status of Autopilot Reset changed to Failed. As you can see from the screenshot below, a red banner message, along with an entry in the Device Action Status, confirms that it failed.

Windows Autopilot Reset failed

To investigate this issue further, log in to the target device and check the MDM diagnostic logs. To generate the MDM diagnostic log files, follow the steps below:

  • Login on the target Windows device.
  • Launch the Command prompt as an administrator
  • Execute the below command:
mdmdiagnosticstool.exe -area "DeviceEnrollment;DeviceProvisioning;Autopilot" -zip "c:\users\public\documents\"
Executing mdmdiagnosticstool.exe command to collect MDM Logs

Go to the location “C:\Users\Public\Documents\,” which contains all the log files to investigate and find more information about this error.

To fix the error code ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x80070032), you need to enable Windows Recovery Environment on the device using the command reagentc.exe /enable. To learn more about this command, refer to this MS docs link: REAgent.exe command-line options.

Let’s first check the status of WinRE on the target device.

  • Launch the command prompt as an administrator
  • Execute the command reagentc.exe /info.

As you can see in the screenshot below, WinRE is disabled on the device, leading to the error 0x80070032 and causing the Windows Autopilot Reset to fail. Let’s enable it in the next step.

Executing reagentc.exe /info command to check WinRE status

Execute reagentc.exe /enable to enable WinRE on the Windows device, and after that, execute reagentc.exe /info to confirm if it’s enabled. Please reboot the device after this change.

Executing reagentc.exe /enable to Enable WinRE

Perform Windows Autopilot Reset

Now that we have enabled Windows Recovery Environment on the target Windows device, we can initiate Autopilot Reset again, and this time, it will be completed without any issues. You can refer to a step-by-step guide to help you perform Autopilot Reset: Intune: 2 Ways to Perform Windows Autopilot Reset.

Further Reading

To read more about this error and troubleshooting steps. Visit the Microsoft docs link: Autopilot Reset troubleshooting.

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