This feature is not supported. Contact your system administrator error code 80180014

When you have configured Microsoft Intune as per your organization requirements and try to Azure AD Join a Windows 10 device you get a pop-up message saying “Something went wrong.” with the error message “This feature is not supported. Contact your system administrator with the error code 80180014“.

You may get the error message while Joining the PC via Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or School or you may get the error message during the Autopilot process. I have captured screenshots for both of these scenarios and pasted it below for your reference:

Error Message Pop-up via Settings -> Accounts -> Acces work or School

error code 80180014
error Code 80180014

Error Message Pop-up during AutoPilot Process.

error code 80180014
Something went wrong. Server error code: 80180014

How to Fix Error Code 80180014

This error code is caused by the Device Enrollment restriction policy in place. You need to check and make sure Personally owned devices are allowed for Windows (MDM) in the Device Enrollment restriction policy.

If you do not want to allow Personally owned Windows 10 devices to join azure active directory then you can expect this error and should not worry at all as its working as expected. However, if you want to allow personally owned windows 10 devices to join azure active directory then follow below steps:

  • Login on Microsoft Intune admin Center.
  • Click on Devices -> Enroll Devices -> Enrollment restrictions.
  • Edit the Policy which is applied to the users. If there is only one default policy, edit that one.
  • Edit Platform settings.
  • Check to confirm if Windows (MDM) Platform is allowed or blocked.

If Windows (MDM) Platform is set to Block in the personally owned column then select Allow and then click on Review + Save.

Device Enrollment Restriction Policy
Allow Windows (MDM) Personally Owned devices
  • Try to join the machine to Azure Active directory via any method and this time there should not be any issues.


Error code 80180014 while joining your device to Azure AD is common configuration issue which can be easily fixed by allowing Windows (MDM) personally owned devices. If you don’t want to allow Personally owned devices to be joined to your Azure AD organization then you do not need to take any action for this error code and explain the user to only use corporate desktop or laptop.